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Gov. Sam Brownback will sign the tax cut bill at noon today, his office said.

The measure will cut top individual income tax rates for 2013 and eliminate income taxes for the owners of 191,000 businesses.

Brownback said the cuts will spur the economy, but critics said they will produce budget deficits and rob funds from schools, social services and public safety.

The Legislature’s research staff has projected that the tax cuts will produce a budget shortfall in the $2.5 billion range by 2018. Brownback has said that economic growth resulting from the tax cuts will offset that revenue drop.

Non-partisan research groups have said the tax cuts are structured in a way to benefit the wealthy at the expense of low-income Kansans.

Brownback to Sign Tax Cut Bill into Law at Noon

Gov. Brownback couldn’t care less about the people of Kansas. This tax bill will cause significant damage to Kansas, and Kansas has already suffered immensely under Gov. Brownback’s tenure. I believe the majority of Kansans don’t agree with this man, but they voted for him anyway. That question, “What’s the matter with Kansas?” holds so true sometimes. It’s so frustrating!!!